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A Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

A Full Body Resistance Band Workout at home for Beginners done for you to follow along and copy with me James at Garage Gym Fitness All exercises are easy to follow and assuming you use the right intensity Resistance Band the better the workout. You will need to feel you way through round one learning the exercises as you go so I suggest you start with a reasonably low resistance band and work your way up. As you will see from the video I start with a fairly Low intensity band and then each round I increase the resistance but only on certain exercises. You will know yourself when you have done this routine a few times what works for you. This is such a good routine that you could easily do this workout from home 3 times a week and you would soon start to see the benefits. The beauty of this routine also is that as you get stronger over time and more used to doing the exercises then you can increase the intensity by changing the resistance bands you are using or add another band to the one you already have. For further explanation of all the exercises in the routine please be sure to check out my other videos. I hope you enjoy the workout with me but as always I would welcome your comments and please do give it a thumbs up and Subscribe for further videos.

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