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RESISTANCE BAND BACK WORKOUT for Beginners that you can do from Home

Adding a back-focused workout to your fitness routine will not only improve your overall strength but can reduce back pain and support great form and posture. By strengthening your back muscles, you are building up the main support structure for your entire body. By adding Resistance bands into the mix and suddenly the back workout becomes so much more effective. Your back consists of several muscles, all of which support your spine, posture and activity important to activity in your life.

The major ones include the following, Latissimus dorsi, or ‘Lats’ the large muscles that originate below the armpits and run down the back of the ribcage and are responsible for shoulder movement. The Rhomboids, muscles located in the mid-upper back that are responsible for retraction of your scapula, or shoulder blades. The Trapezius, or ‘traps’ which run from the neck to the middle of your back and is responsible for the movement of your shoulder blades. The Erector spinae, muscles that run along your spine and control extension and lateral movement. Training these muscles, especially the lats, give you the enviable V-shaped torso, which helps make your waist look smaller. Plus, the benefits of back exercises extend to your performance in many sports, such as rock climbing, swimming and boxing.

4 Exercises You Need for a Strong and Sexy Back :

Resistance Band Lat pull down

Resistance Band standing row

Resistance Band

Bent over Row

Resistance Band Deadlift

Strengthening your back also helps you if you just enjoy heavy weight training. When your back muscles are strong, they are better able to assist you in conducting other lower body lifts, such as the squat. Working out your back stretches and strengthens the muscles that support It’s structure. The back muscles bolster the vertebrae disks, ligaments and facet joints. If they are weak, your spine is unsupported and may become vulnerable to pain and dysfunction.

Back training may help prevent strains and sprains that can occur during sports and daily chores — such as when moving furniture or boxes or gardening.

Sedentary Lifestyle and Back Training - If you have a job or lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting, like being behind a computer for a long time, your back muscles need extra attention. A sedentary lifestyle may lead to fat accumulation and atrophy (muscle wastage) of the back muscles. They may grow stiff and fatigue more easily, which can result in worsening pain. With time, the pain may limit your movement even more, so you become further deconditioned and your back muscles provide even less stability for the structures in your spine. A study published in Applied Ergonomics in November 2019 looked at 64 call centre employees who spent most of their time sitting. At least 75 percent of these workers reported back pain. Researchers note that there was a clear association between sitting behaviour and chronic low back pain. Getting up and moving, in general, is important for strengthening your spine, but resistance band training may further improve the health of your back. With strength exercises, such as rows, deadlifts and lat pull-downs, you can increase the function of the muscles in your back. Because some of your back muscles are among the largest in your body, the benefits of back exercises using Resistance Bands may also include increased lean mass and strength. Over time, you may also experience improvements in mobility and balance. When you have more lean muscle mass, you may also find it easier to lose body fat, leading to healthier body composition. Muscle requires more energy from your body to maintain itself compared to fat.

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